• 1MC Mary Kom, Olympic Medallist during AET fundraiser
  • 2Guru Rewben Mashangva, the renown folk singer performing during AET fundraiser
  • 3Shri Armstrong Pame, IAS during AET fundraiser & Mo Naga (Moranngam Khaling) a renown tatoo art revival during AET fundraiser.
  • 4Dr. Thangjam Dhabali, Chairman & MD, BABINA Diagnostics And BABINA group of Companies at AET
  • 5Shri Geoffrey Ningthoujam, IAS, Joint Secretary (Rural Development & Panchayati Raj), Government of Manipur motivating our Students.
  • 6Shri Geoffrey Ningthoujam, IAS, Joint Secretary (Rural Development & Panchayati Raj), Government of Manipur motivating our Students.
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Application for Admission to Ascension Coaching Centre for MBBS entrance (NEET 2017)

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Our Uniqueness

Like many other NGOs and Government Schemes, we also help students from economically backward families. The uniqueness of ASCENSION EDUCATIONAL TRUST is that we give importance to the geograhpical location and the educational status of the student's village during our selection process. We select 80% of our students from villages which haven't produced a doctor/ an engineer/ a high ranking civil service officer and also haven't produced even a student who is studying MBBS/ BE/ B Tech.

Therefore, our students are going to be the first doctor/ engineer/ gazetted civil services officer from their respective villages.  To ensure this, we do strict background check of the student's village. This way we aim to create near equal distribution of the benefits of education and hence near equal development of all villages.

To our knowledge, we haven't come across any NGO or Government educational program that considers village level background check. They just  help any poor student without considering the geographical location and the background of the student's village. That is why, students from certain villages continue to get benefits but students from many other villages are totally left behind thereby creating huge differences.
We believe that our unique approach will not only bring a huge positive change but also reduce the urban-rural, district-district and village-village gaps/differences.


"Your donation will go a long way in changing the lives of many poor students"

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IAS Coaching

Selection for full sponsored Coaching for UPSC's civil services examination 2014.

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TSLD to uphold and protect the dignity and rights of women by spreading awareness on issues effecting women, promoting sisterhood and peace.